I want to caveat by saying that my community celebrates and honors all holidays including Hanukkah, Guy Fawkes Night, Halloween, and Milad un Nabi. I also realize that some holidays in other cultures have already passed. Being as American Christians have a habit of infecting everyone (and I say this light-heartedly), you may find yourself dealing with “holiday” issues even if they are not something you take part in.

I’ve always had an easier time with weight maintenance or fat loss in winter. The main reason for this is that I despise being hot. Perhaps it’s my pale Northern European ancestry, low melanin, or the fact that I like my fashion to consist of a lot of layers. Regardless of the reason, unless water is involved, I don’t like playing outside in the summertime where I live because it’s hot.

So by the time the fall and winter seasons roll around, I’m like a caged kid at recess who bolts for the outdoors. The result being an easier life due to the cooler weather; there are so many more ways to be active which makes this time of year ideal to maintain and/or lose weight.

Also, I don’t have a lot of traditional holiday pressures religiously or with family celebrations. I’m not a parent with kids that has Halloween candy lying around or four different family dinners over the course of a week in late November, etc. The majority of people find this to be a difficult time of year because of those factors listed and more. The holidays become a “screw it!” season or time of sabotage filled with an endless onslaught of treats, goodies, and bad decisions.

Then there are the other factors; the emotionally scaring ones in which the holidays bring forth thoughts of loneliness, depression, and good ole SAD (seasonal affective disorder).

Oh, and then there is the American football season. We are even invading London every so often.

The combination of these factors can mean that from October to the middle of January you are traversing a minefield of issues that is making it harder for you to hit your physical or mental goals surrounding activity and food intake.

So what if we do it together?

This is not a crazy commitment but instead…reminders, support, and accountability.

Each Week: A check-in post through Facebook. You can share, help, vent, or whatever fits the topic. You can also make your own threads or posts outside of this check-in post. Use it however you want.

Each Week: Within the “check-in post” we will cover and help each other with:

(Some topics are left invisible to create an air of mystery)

Week 1: Use the calories for [invisible topic].
Week 2: Can you handle [invisible topic]?
Week 3: Is there anything [invisible topic]?
Week 4: “Get Out Of Jail” cards.
Week 5: “Run the [invisible topic]!”
Week 6: “It’s the little things…”
Week 7: Your favorite holiday recipes.
Week 8: This year’s [invisible topic].
Week 9: “Winter is coming.”

Let’s accept a challenge that joins us together and helps us get through the holidays. We will be a different kind of family: a family that gets through together.

What About Prizes?

I’m saving up for something coming in January—the biggest members challenge I’ve ever had. Maybe, I’ll tell you about it (that’s called a tease). I’m also not expecting people to make their most dramatic transformations during the holidays (although we did achieve that once as a group).

Lastly, I’ll say that if you get in now, there is a bit of a special offer ONLY the people who are currently members or those who join now will receive.

With all that, courses, support, me—I don’t want you going off empty handed.

I have four $50 Amazon Gift Cards (or paypal/consult equivalent) to hand out to the individuals who:

1. Do the best to make changes and hold strong during the holidays.
2. Are supportive in the community and help others.
3. Those who participate in the weekly FB discussion posts (you have an entire week to say something or like it, so it’s not hard).

Ultimately, this is about a little bit of accountability and being an extra support system for each other during this time of year.

When Does It Start?

The first post will be on October 30th, but you have to be a member by November 3rd in order to get in on the prize action.

How Do I Join?

If you’re a member, it will just happen. You’ll get emails. You’ll get notices. You don’t need to do anything.

If you’re not a member, join now with this special 50% off discount. People pay $199 for a phone call with me. That means you get an entire month to pick my and other member’s brains for under $10 bucks.

Right? Get in there.

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