I don’t want you overwhelmed so here is the quick and “need to know” information.

1. The price isn’t changing. If you see this, you don’t have to buy or purchase anything.

2. There are just two steps to join the Private Facebook Group (you can use a secret account as well—see FAQ).

A) Click the link
B) Select “Join Group”

Two steps. Done.

3. You will automatically start receiving the email course within 24-48 hours. You don’t have to do anything.

In short, the only thing you “have” to do is join the Facebook Group here.

See, not that scary, right? We tried to take care of as much as we could for you.

Why The Change?

I’ve sat and thought about what I have to offer, and to be honest, it isn’t flashy. Deciding between being a modest researcher and enthusiastic leader is not easy. A lot of the lull was deciding who I wanted to be in the industry and how I could keep up.

I wanted to train clients because that’s where I shine—talking to people. However,  I can’t do that the way I want and maintain a bunch of weekly “BS” articles that say the same thing over and over.

I came up with a solution that allows me to work with as many of you (one-on-one) as possible, but also teach those who can’t afford to be a private client.

The society is comprised of 3 main factors:
1. Weekly Email Course
2. Private Facebook Group
3. CS Challenges (Physical/Lifestyle) with Prizes

1. A Weekly Email Delivery Course

The weekly course will cover topics from nutrition to lifestyle to help you become the ultimate version of who you want to be. Some course titles include:

Nutr101: Diets From Keto to IF’ing
Exer101: Finding Your Home in Training
Sex101: You Thought Mainstream Diet Advice Was Wrong…
Edu101: Almost 10,000 Problems With The 10,000 Hours Rule
Life101: Vices From Food to Drugs

Plus Quizzes and Assignments.

As a member you will receive a course overview of all the topics that will be covered in your first “course” email.

2. A Facebook Group

In short, the forums are being replaced with a FB group because basically, that’s where everyone is. I’m excited about it, because honestly, that’s where I am too. Sharing articles, talking, and asking questions will be so much easier.

If you want to use a different name, we have solutions to that as well. Just talk to us and we will help.

3. The CS Challenges

These challenges will be ongoing and will run for varying lengths of time.

There will be two categories in every challenge:

1. Physical Transformation

Examples: Gaining muscle, losing fat, postural, strength, or any other alteration to your physical appearance.

2. Non-Physical Lifestyle Goal

Examples: Career, facing fears, starting/finishing projects, helping people, relationships, education, or any other significant alteration to your lifestyle.

Breaking them into two sections allows everyone to be involved and participate.

If you have any questions please post them in the group. If you have something you want my opinion on, share it. Maybe the popularity will grow and I can’t keep up—use me until it does. That’s the hope, that the most loyal of you drain everything you can from me until you don’t need me anymore.

That’s Pretty Much It

I hope you love the changes and enjoy it. I want this to be life changing for people and inspire them on levels they’ve not imagined. Not only for you, but for me. I need a purpose, I’ve realized that. I hope you’re part of that purpose.